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Too Much Fun Promotions
482 West San Ysidro Blvd.
San Ysidro CA 92173

(619) 819 6323 USA

(661) 612 2525 MEX

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  • carmina salinas

    Hola me interesa participar en alguna caminata o cabalgata. Si pudieran avisarme se los agradecer. Sin mas, saludos:-)

  • Sky Seals


    I am Sky and about 2 years ago we did the Grape Vine tour with you, recently my wife also contacted you to help with the route for a recent off road charity drive we did.

    I noticed you had on your website a coast to coast off road RZR week long trip, do you have another one coming up, if you would you be willing to guide myself along with another friends in our RZR’s, if so how much would you charge per day and what is your availability in the next 1-3 months? I believe you told my wife $100/day for your private guided tours?

    • Staff

      We have a very tight schedule in the next few months… BUT there’s always a way… maybe during weekdays. I’ll need to know when, where and for how long fdo you want to go.
      Also how many people… in order to quote our services.

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